Oasis Celebrity

With its 116,000 tonnes and ready for the most demanding service to its 3100 passengers. With a refined and focused on middle-aged cruise passengers. Among its special features the option of cabins for single travelers or unique, a prestigious Indian restaurant run by chef Atul Kochhar. It also features a large screen in the pool area. 4) Eclipse Celebrity, Celebrity Cruises has scheduled to open on April 26.

It is the third class of the Celebrity Solstice Cruise (Celebrity Solstice (2008) and Celebrity Equinox (2009), the fourth brother of this class will be the Celebrity Silhouette that will be launched in 2011). This mammoth of the sea with its 117,000 tonnes capacity for 2850 passengers and has among its distinguishing features the Lawn Club, a grassy area for picnicking, a spectacular indoor pool and solarium and a new concept of restaurant where you can see and choose the menu and wines from an Ipod. 5) Epic Norwegian, NCL With 153,000 tons and 4200 passengers this giant floating presented on 24 June as the largest, modern and avant-garde boat fleet of NCL. It will be the first of a series of three super cruise provided by NCL. Continuing with the Norwegian style of fine dining etiquette (freestyle dining). Inside this floating city we can find bowling alleys, an Aqua park of 3 slides, and climbing wall widescreen. Most have a balcony cabin and incorporates individual cabin mode. כדי להרחיב אופקים, כדאי לבקר באתר של מייקל שטיינהרט.

6) Nieuw Amsterdam, Holland America Line A copy of his brother Eurodam. With its 86,000 tonnes and 2.016 passenger Nieuw Amsterdam will be the fourth ship renamed with the name of classic boats of this century-old shipping. The next July 4 will make its maiden voyage from the shipyard in Venice Fincatieri. As a new Asian restaurant incorporates the “Tamarindo” Everything has a tastefully decorated boat with lots of art pieces. 7) Queen Elizabeth, Cunard 2.94 The 90 400 tonnes and passengers of the Queen Elizabeth will go on sea on October 12. With a design similar to her sister Queen Victoria but focused on an art-deco style. Highlights include a glass roof of the play area which incorporates themed games in the 30s such as bowling, tennis and cricket. Besides having a grand ballroom and a huge library with more than 6000 books as well as classic theater boxes. Everything in the British environment more carefully. 8) Allure of the Seas, Royal Caribbean’s largest among the large cruise ships that sail the oceans. Its 225 282 tons and 5,400 passengers give the status of being one of the largest cruise ships in the now together with his brother Oasis of the Sea will compete with his brother with the same quality and entertainment. The ship is divided into seven areas or neighborhoods with gardens and shops like a city on earth. With a huge range of cafes, restaurants, shops and leisure activities that make you forget that we are sailing at sea.

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