Video Content

Some ways to optimize Web sites listed below: 1. Specify the type of format to use: It is important to provide both audio and video content on a Web video in various formats as possible. Clearly label kinds of formats, showing a platform and software. Also, let alone downloading time is primarily based on connection speed 2. Keywords in the file name and URL: Keywords are important in optimization sites. Search engine friendly words as a convenient and drive more traffic. It is therefore necessary to use keywords in the file name and website address.

Placement of keywords helps search engines to recognize the content of the website, as well as helping in the web analytics report 3. Using keywords in the link text: References in text content consisting of keywords. In addition, this rule applies a video on the website too. Placing keywords in the link text is a search engine as well as a convenient 4. Add a descriptive title for web video: The name of the video based on the site should be descriptive. It should consist of the right keywords that explain the entire contents of the video. In other words, the name should take away the target audience, as well as search engine robots at first sight 5. Providing text and audio Video Content: the video with good sound quality content is always interactive.

This, however, you must provide text, video and audio content. This is done primarily in connection with the purpose that it is readable for search engines and easily understandable to the various target audiences 6. The use of RSS-channels for the promotion of multimedia files: RSS-channels are very useful because they make a great promotion of websites. It is therefore important RSS-use appropriate channels to promote the multimedia files 7. Add web video to online video sites: sites that are unlikely to be indexed in search engines robots are not able to reach target audience. In order to reach millions and get noticed in a competitive market, it is essential that web videos have to be present in all video sites like You Tube, Google Video, and many others. 8. Review the video and multimedia files: Just putting up the video does not mean that the problem is in the world. In fact, the real challenge begins with this step. It is important to multimedia files and web clips meta data properties must from time to time be reviewed. 9. Add videos from the site in Google and other search engines: good ranking in search engines is one of the main craze among the business problems. It is successful if the site map Internet video is added to the major search engines namely Google, Yahoo and Msn and thereby have maximum traffic. 10. Add a Blog on this site in different blog site: The video is based on the site can create a blog in its section on the site. There are also several individuals who have hosted their videos to online video sites. These individuals can create a blog to his blog a few free sites, for example, '' Web video on the huge demand in cyber world. Optimization based video sites still in its infancy years. Experiments in new ways now believed to help search engine optimization process. Today, optimizing Web sites based video has become an important marketing strategy of the business sector to make a strong presence in the cyber world.