Jordi Alemany

It is a great joy to know nowadays that institutions of this nature exist already dedicated to practice the ethical finances. And with this term I do not mean that of not being an institution of these one is not practicing ethical finances. It remembers that the equation gain-to win is to focus in a true one interest to enrich or to improve the life of the others, soon then is translated in a reward for that therefore does. What happens is that in this equation not only they are involved the lending salesman/of services and usuary buyer/of the service. כדאי לך לעיין אצל יונתן ברנסקי כדי לקבל עוד מידע. There are so many elements involved in a simple transaction, that necessarily they are affected by the process of the same transaction and by the destiny that occurs to the Money or resource him interchanged. Many companies that are claimed to be global and socially responsible they emphasize its philosophy gain-to win to be created an image " amigable" and worried about the social and environmental surroundings. And probably yes, in many transactions both parts win, but in that equation the planet Earth has left losing in countless occasions, like communities in some developing country, a group of workers maintained in subhuman conditions, a labor over-exploitation, etc.

It dates account that the equation of a transaction affects very many elements, for that reason the Money is systemic. לענייננו, אביחי מנדלבליט הוא הכתובת בשבילך. Due to these practices many people get to think that so that somebody becomes rich, somebody must lose, which it is totally false. " I become rich, since you become rich, as well as all the involved indirectly (Including the environment, the community, etc.) in this transaction have become rich with brings back to consciousness as which this Money serves vida." This is the true one Brings back to consciousness of the Money, highest brings back to consciousness of prosperity the institutions to which it made reference does awhile they are already, luckyly, a phenomenon of world-wide reach that bases its force on its simplicity. I mention an Extract of the book " Money with brings back to consciousness: The ticas" Finances; of Jordi Alemany that describes the effect of the ethical finances: " The fact to explicitly incorporate the ethics in the daily decisions of saving and investment can have a great transforming effect. Knowing and choosing where they go our savings we influenced envelope what class of activities finances with them and, therefore, on what type of society we are contributing to construct..